Dog Training and Care - General Dog Care

Alright, you've finally gotten your first dog and you're concerned that you may not have the knowledge to care for him or her properly. Don't worry, general dog care is really quite simple and involves more common sense than any type of specialized knowledge.

The first thing you may be concerned with is whether you should take your dog out for bathroom duty or if you should make arrangements inside your home for this purpose. Really, any dog that is house trained properly should be taken outside for this. However, there are some extreme circumstances where one may want to consider alternate solutions.

These conditions are typically weather related and more in particular involve the cold. If you happen to live in a climate that it is common for temperatures to reach below freezing levels and your dog is a house dog, then it's often advisable to make a space in the home for your dog to go to the bathroom when it is this cold out. By letting him or her outside in these types of temperatures, your dog could damage or even freeze their paws and in some cases this could be irreparable.

Another simple general dog care tip is that if your dog is an outside dog, rather than placing them on a leash or a chain, many people opt for a kennel. Kennels can be built or purchased in a variety of sizes and their benefit lies in the fact that your dog will have complete movement freedom. Of course, a leash or chain is perfectly humane as well, yet some dog owners prefer the kennel option.

If your dog is meant to be kept outdoors more than in, then it's also important to provide some shelter within the kennel. You'll want to be able to keep your dog out of the hot sun and also provide a place for your dog to stay warm should the temperatures get cold.

This can be accomplished with something as simple as a lean to, but many opt to provide some sort of a dog house. If you provide your dog with a dog house, make sure that it provides for suitable movement and is well ventilated. Also, keep it clean. There is nothing more afflicting to your dogs health than poor living conditions.

Many people will lay down straw or wood shavings to provide for a comfortable bed within the dog house and to also make it easy to clean should there be any bathroom accidents or other reasons the bedding gets wet and dirty.

As you can see, general dog care is rather quite easy and with a little forethought it is very easy to care for your dog in the loving manner he or she will respond positively to.