Dog Training and Care - Dog Care for Mastitis

Mastitis is the inflammation of the milk ducts caused by the penetration of bacteria in the ducts. This condition is referred to in different names like mastadenitis or mammitis. The breast and the teats are swollen and soft during nursing. There might be cracks on the teats and the bacteria might enter the milk ducts through this crack or even through the teats. This bacterial might cause an infection that makes the breast enlarged. This is only a mild form of mastitis. If left untreated it might become an advanced stage called the gangrene mastitis. The dog should be treated during the initial conditions of mastitis. In the gangrene mastitis the bacteria does not require oxygen. Such bacteria are called anaerobic bacteria.

Enlargement of the breasts is the visible symptom of Mastitis in Dogs. Apart from this you might also notice very low energy level and some of the pups might die. Poor appetite and fever might be there. Some of these symptoms are also associated with other diseases and other problems the dog faces.

As a part of the diagnosis the veterinarian might recommend to have blood test done and fluid analysis done. The fluid analysis is to look for white blood cell count and bacteria in the milk. The pH of the milk is also considered in the diagnosis. Bacterial culture of the fluid and the blood might also be done. Aspirate is also recommended. Apart from this urine analysis to find conditions like diabetes, kidney infections and dehydration is done.

When mastitis is diagnosed treatment should be started immediately with the help of antibiotics. If the infection is not in the teats the sides of the breasts might be swelling with the infection. The swelling will be bigger and try to burst out. For treating this condition the breast is give hot water bottle treatment. Hot packs are used on the breast. Antibiotics are given. Clavamox an antibiotic can be used in this treatment.

It is not necessary to stop nursing the pups. Nursing will bring out the infections in the milk and this will ease the condition of the dog. The pups will not be affected by this milk. Sometimes it might cause diarrhea for the pups. If there are no such signs you can allow the pups to have the milk. This will help the dog to recover soon. Since the dog in on antibiotics the milk will not affect the pups usually. Some might not want to the pups to have the milk. In such cases, you can hand express the teat and remove the milk. This will help the breasts to recover sooner. To prevent the swelling from bursting you can use hot clothes that are soaked in vinegar and press it on the swollen area. This will restrain bursting of the swelling caused by the bacteria, in the breast. Then and there you can massage the breasts. This will alleviate the condition well. Drain the breasts often so that Mastitis is cured as fast as it can.