Dog Training and Care

Dog Training and Care - Alright, you've finally gotten your first dog and you're concerned that you may not have the knowledge to care for him or her properly. Don't worry, general dog care is really quite simple and involves more common sense than any type of specialized knowledge.

Buy Dog Training Gear - On this page you can buy Dog Training Gear and information.

Dog Training Videos - Videos teaching some simpole dog training tips.

Dog Care for Mastitis - Female dogs who have just given birth are sometimes prone to the condition of mastitis, this is where the milk gland becomes inflamed. Mastitis can also occur within dogs that have just had a fake pregnancy too.

Simple Dog Ear Care - One of the most frequent injuries a dog will suffer is an injury to their ears. This is particularly true in dogs that have large floppy ears or dogs that spend the majority of their time outdoors.

Simple Dog Eye Care - Your dog's eyes are perhaps the most sensitive part of their anatomy and as such, tend to require the most sensitive type of care. Taking care of your dogs eyes does not have to be something that is worried over, but care must be taken to not inflict additional damage or injury should your dog suffer any problems with their eyes.

Incontinent Dog Care - So, your dog has become incontinent and you do not know exactly what to do to care for him or her. Incontinence in dogs, particularly older or dogs who have suffered injuries resulting in paralysis, is something than can be tough to get a handle on when first starting to deal with it.

Train Your Dog to Jump a Hurdle - One of the more fun aspects of being a dog owner is play time and one of the most common play time activities is retrieving. Dogs love it because they're getting exercise and doing something that pleases their owners and dog owners love it because they too are getting exercise and are spending quality time with their pets.

Train Your Dog to Carry - One of the first things you'll want to teach your dog, particularly if you intend on training him or her to perform certain tasks, is to carry an item in their mouth and to give to whomever they are directed to give it to. Fortunately, with the proper praise and direction, teaching your dog to carry is rather easy and will aid in future attempts to teach your dog to retrieve.

Train Your Dog to Broad Jump - Of course, all dogs know how to jump as it jumping is a very natural act for them. However, training your dog to broad jump on command is an altogether different prospect. The broad jump is something that if you plan on showing your dog, is something they will be doing at certain obedience trials and events.