Dog Training and Care - finding the right dog carrier

One of the biggest questions that dog owners have is how do you choose the right dog carrier. The following are some questions that you should ask yourself before making a final choice for your new dog carrier.

First of all how much does your dog weigh? If your dog is still a puppy what weight range will it be when it is full grown? Finding out what your puppy’s parents weigh can help you make a good estimate. What are the measurements of your dog. You need to take a measurement of your dog from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail to get the most accurate measurement. What are you going to be using the carrier for?

The weight of your dog:

Most all dog carriers are equipped to transport dogs up to 12 pounds. If you have a dog that weighs over 12 pounds or will eventually weigh over that much you are going to want to think of different transport arrangements for your dog. A dog carrier that is on wheels or some other type of carrier that does not have to be carried on your shoulder is a much better set up for larger dogs. The weight that any carrier is different so make sure to find that out before you purchase a carrier for your dog. If you have a very small breed of dog you are pretty much free to choose whatever dog carrier that you like.

The length of your dog:

It can not be stressed enough that your dog needs plenty of room while traveling in their pet carrier. You dog needs to be able to move around and feel comfortable in their carrier. Make sure that you are not purchasing a carrier that is too large because it could tip as your dog shifts its weigh back and forth. Getting a good measurement of your dog is going to go far in getting the proper sized dog carrier.

The purpose of your dog carrier:

Are you looking for a canine carrier just for taking your pet to the vet? Are you maybe looking to find a carrier that you can take your dog into stores with you. Whatever the reason for your wanting to purchase a dog carrier will play a big part in how much that you will be paying. If you are looking for a dog carrier that will show off your favorite four legged friend you will be paying less then if you where to be buying a carrier that would hide your dog.

Keep this tips in mind and you will have the perfect dog carrier for your dog.