Dog Training and Care - Simple Dog Eye Care

Your dog's eyes are perhaps the most sensitive part of their anatomy and as such, tend to require the most sensitive type of care. Taking care of your dogs eyes does not have to be something that is worried over, but care must be taken to not inflict additional damage or injury should your dog suffer any problems with their eyes.

More often than not, when it comes to the care of your dog's eyes it's highly advisable to seek the attention of a vet to be sure that nothing further causes harm to the eyes.

The most common thing that will happen to the eyes of your dog will be scratches. Whether they be from fighting or just running in the woods, it's eventually inevitable that your dog will scratch an eye or both. Typically the eye will heal itself in no time at all but the biggest concern to be aware of during this process is that no infection starts to grow in the eye.

Most often your veterinary will suggest that you use penicillin in some form or another to help deter infections and most likely will administer it him or herself. However, prior to taking your dog to the vet you can get a jumpstart on infection prevention by rinsing out your dogs eyes with warm water and then dabbing the excess moisture off. Do not wipe as this can cause further harm.

Once in awhile during your dog's journeys he or she may come across finding that they have something in their eye. A speck of dust or a piece of grass, pretty much anything that would get into your eye will also find its way into your dogs eye.

You'll know very quickly as your dog will show plenty of signs of discomfort, his or her eyes will be very watery and occasionally the eye lids will swell up. As with scratches, you can care for this dog eye problem by carefully rinsing out your dogs eye and examining what the cause of the problem may be. If you see it and your dog remains steady you can theoretically remove it with a tweezers or something similar.

However, if that is not able to be done, many people suggest putting a drop or two of castor oil into the eye and this will cause the violating object to loosen itself.

If you cannot seem to find the problem or remove it safely, take your dog to the vet immediately and he or she will be able to assess the situation and provide a remedy for the care of your dogs eyes.