Dog Training and Care - Train Your Dog to Broad Jump

Jumping is a natural act that comes to the dogs and you have to fine-tune it so that the dog jumps to your command. You have to train the dog for the word jump even before you start to train your dog for the broad jump. Training for broad jump is also an exercise that can be taught to the dog with ease if you follow the steps correctly.

The place where you are going to train your dog for the broad jump should be different. Set up the area to train your dog. Use pieces of flat wood or floor board to setup the area that is to be jumped by the dog. You should have a lot of pieces so that you can add one by one to make the dog perform the broad jump. All of a sudden you can't make it jump too long. That is why we are adding floorboards one by one in this training.

The next step is to connect the leash to your dog and walk him to the area that you have set up for the broad jump. Give a command to your dog to jump the floor board. Your command could be the word "jump" or even non verbal command like tugging the leash for which you have trained earlier. Whatever be the command used, you have to use the same command for further training in the broad jump. This would enable the dog to connect that word to the floorboard and the broad jump.

When you give the command to jump make sure that the dog does not step on the floorboard. He has to step over it while you walk to the sides of the floorboard. Repeat this steps several times so that the dog knows what he has to do. You can also increase the speed of approach to the floorboard so that the dog knows he is fast approaching the floorboard and he has to jump over it. This step has to be repeated with varying speeds until the dog is familiar in jumping over the floorboard.

Now it is time to add another floorboard so that distance to jump over is increased. Add a second floorboard to the already existing one and increase the length of the jump. Now repeat the process of broad jump and increase the speeds of the jump. Never forget to encourage your dog with a pat or hug after he completes a jump. You can repeat this process as many times as possible but don't overdo it so that the dog gets tired. Any session should not be more than 15 minutes. Give a break and then continue if the dog seems to be interested in it.

Now remove the leash and repeat this broad jump practice so that the dog is very confident to perform the broad jump. Broad jump training without the leashes is important so that the dog can take part in the competitions. Make sure the dog completes the jump without avoiding the floorboards. Now as a next step you have to move away from the dog while you give your commands for the broad jump. Increase your distance from the dog while you give your commands for the broad jump. This would complete your dog training for the broad jump and it will be ready for the competitions.